Sunday, March 7, 2010


$2 portrait project began with Thomas Hawk.

We were pulling out of the parking lot at our local grocery store in Salem when I saw Tim holding his sign. Needless to say, we drove around the block so that I could go back and talk to Tim.

When I explained the project to him, he was more than happy to have his portrait taken. He and his girlfriend want to get married. He said money was tight and work was hard to get.

He gave me the list of all of their wedding expenses, he had $30 dollars left to pay for his bride's dress, $87 to pay for his tux. Money was needed for a license, the reception hall and little more for her ring.

He said they were different, they put their names on their poster. He was quite proud and very excited for his wedding to come. I wished them the best for a long and happy life.

Here is Tim's sign.

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