Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 521 - The hair cut

ISO 800, 105mm, f/4.0, 1/80 sec

This weeks Project 52 was, well, to put it mildly... way out of my element.

"You have been asked to do a set of images for a Hair Salon. They will supply the subject, and you will shoot the hair styles / styling. The images will be printed quite large for the salon walls and you will be given photo credit for the images."


  1. Ha! When I first saw this I thought you were trimming a greyhound!

    Love the image - wonderful focus, makes it look like the person cutting the hair is being careful and deliberate. No, I have no idea what about the picture says that to me, but there it is. :)

  2. Yeah, that is a little daunting! Heck, a grooming salon would have been a lot easy to focus on than somebody's head. I love how crisp the detail is, though!

  3. I'm with BZ Training, thought it was a greyhound and instantly thought...they don't have any hair to trim, unless you have one of those long haired