Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 550- Tiffany and Sang

When Tiffany asked me to their engagement photos, I was nervous and excited and thrilled.

When I saw what a beautiful couple they were, I knew the pressure was on.

Tiffany wanted formal pictures with her traditional wedding gown, I loved everything about the gown and it looked stunning on her.

I had them meet me on the west side of the river. I laughed a little when they asked me for directions. It was their first trip down there even thought they lived here for nearly 10 years.

It was pretty clear that Tiffany and Sang are very much in love.

And I suspect there is a future of love, happiness and fun for them.

Congratulations Tiffany and Sang.


  1. I absolutely love that dress, and those pictures are fantastic!

  2. FANTASTIC images! I'm sure they will be VERY pleased with them .... you captured the LOVE in the eyes :)

  3. You got the "formal" part, but also the FUN!! They are a lovely couple -- and GREAT photos!