Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 366

ISO 100, 55mm, f/14, 1/40 sec.

Day 366 - It promises to be a very good year

If I have said once, I've said it a million times, I really love doing the 365 project.

What I didn't love was posting a picture that I wasn't proud of at the moment. (My attitude towards some of the pictures I really liked changed as I progressed through the year.) I also had a great many photos that I took that I should have posted, but I wanted the exercise of being picky, posting just the one that I thought was the best.

I know I will pick up my camera every day. I enjoy it too much not too. I also reserve the right to post a few out takes when the day just didn't come together.

Happy New Year. 1-1-11

This is taken from the old railroad bridge over the Willamette.


  1. Wow! These colors are intense! Funny how your camera begins to become a part of you. I say it's a good habit for us! :)

  2. I am very happy to see you continuing with your blog. I've really enjoyed your images. I look forward to the images to come.

  3. awesome colors and tones. Happy New Year!

  4. Awesome shot. Really beautiful

  5. What a beautiful shot! Love the colors, so warm!

    Glad to see you keeping the project alive! I'd really miss your images...

  6. beautiful tone and Nice silhouette
    Happy New Year

  7. What a stunning photo! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Gorgeous photo and congrats on your project!! I am so happy you will be continuing!! You have been an inspiration for me :)

  9. What gorgeous colors that sunset has left for you. Beautiful and warm.
    I agree with you about posting everyday. I can now play a little more.
    I too am glad that you are continuing to post.