Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 370

ISO 400, 100mm, f/29, 5.0 sec

Day 370 - Pushing up daisies

My sale daisies were still looking good tonight, so I worked them a little more.

I am going to drive myself crazy trying to perfect those darn drops. A white straight jacket may be in my future.


  1. Awesome shot! Make sure you take a self portrait if you get the white jacket.

  2. OMG! What do you mean perfect them? I think you've accomplished that! Beautiful.

  3. Well what the heck is not perfect about this?!?! Look at the reflection of the flowers in that!! That is GORGEOUS woman!!

  4. Amazing shot! And I'm with Sandra, the drops look darn near perfect already, what are you trying to perfect on them? :)

  5. Awesome capture Terri! the drop details and reflections are fantastic!