Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 373

ISO 500, 28mm, f/20, 15.0 sec

Day 373 - Me and my Apple

So, I'm taking this portrait photography class, you know... take pictures of other people.

First assignment (and last assignment): Self portrait. WTF? How on earth do you make a 50 year old, slightly more than slightly over weight woman look good?

It is a well known, proven fact that wrinkled, over weight men do very well in front of the camera. If they sport a double chin, they just grow a beard. I can only think of five pictures that I have been a part of in the last 10 years.

I have read over and over ad nauseum that if you want to take great pictures of other people, you, yourself and I all have to be comfortable in front of the camera. Just one of those rules meant to be broken, I'm pretty sure. Besides, I hate rules.

This great guy from down under threw out a challenge. My Mad 52 is Allan's idea of a good time, 52 self portraits.

I love a good challenge. Allan, if you are listening, I accept. This weeks theme, yet another rule to be broken, is music.

Just pretend I'm humming Me and my Apple.

If you would like to know the story behind this one, I was sitting on this very bank before sunrise trying to freeze a little extra heinie off. Professor Photography teacher says "This image will become a testament to who you are as a person and a photographer at this moment."

Whoa, sunrise just ain't gonna cut it. If you've been following my 365 project, you know that I am rather fond of twinkly lights, reflections and running water.

As we are heading across the bridge, the always ready Oregon skies open up. I wanted to this picture tonight. So we waited and watched. Sure enough, the rain stopped. The ground was soaking wet as my butt will testify.

This photo is for a grade. I welcome any suggestions to improve it, I still have time to retake.


  1. Excellent lighting and I love the sense of drama yet peace. Nice visual juxtaposition.

  2. I too have an issue with taking my photo. I'm a heavier than I want to be 42 year old. THIS IS A WONDERFUL PHOTO!

    For the grade I will say my photography/media professor would say you are too far away to be a true self-portrait as it should show facial expressions, but then again, art and portraiture is subjective and each teacher is different. I say go with what your heart says is right, because art is from your heart & not your head.

  3. Great Shot! I know absolutely nothing about photography, so I probably shouldn't even comment, BUT - I find the horizontal band of light behind(?) you on ground(?) level to be a bit distracting. If I put my finger over it, it seems to make you show up better. But then, maybe that's not the point!

    *I* would give you an A+ plus for sure - the concept is clever, and I love the dots of purplish color proved by the Mac and the way it illuminates you!

    As always, your twinkly river shots are lovely. :)

  4. Well this is an absolutely perfect self portrait and a gorgeous photo as well. I think you are too hard on yourself and I know you are just rolling you eyes at me right now :) I think portraits can be anything we want them to be. There is no law that says one way is the absolute way and you captured yourself, in my opinion exactly the way you wanted.

  5. I'll be back to see some more. Been distracted lately.