Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 405 - Secrets

ISO 400, 67mm, f/5.6, 262.0 sec

I'm still digging through photos from our vacation in December 2009.

During the Grand Canyon blizzard, we met a couple from California. We were talking over dinner when they said that California had a best kept secret.

They told us if we really wanted to visit some place beautiful, we should go to Death Valley. Since our "not so set in stone plans" had been de-railed by weather, the next morning we got up, saw more snow falling and headed west.

Death Valley was amazing. Every one should visit it at least once, in the winter.

The skies were so clear our first night there. Since most of my nights are within city limits, I was amazed at the millions of stars in the sky.


  1. Great shot! I definitely need to visit Death Valley in the winter. Though I'd like to visit in spring as well some time

  2. Love it!!! I haven't been but it will be on my list :)

  3. Great picture of the rain and palms! You are such a great photographer!