Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 426 - Portrait of Terry

ISO 400, 145mm, f/2.8mm, 1/200 sec.

I work with Terry at the college. He's a theater kinda guy and probably one of the nicest men I know. I suspect if you needed the shirt off of his back, he would have it off and give it to you before you had to ask.

He was in need of a head shot for a position he is running for on campus. The request I got last week asked if I would take a head shot because "So far the photos taken do not reflect the friendly Terry that we know and love."

Oh boy, not that there was any pressure there.  When he wandered into my office today, I took him to the best place I knew on campus in the pouring rain and told him to look evil. Hmmm, I'm not so afraid of him now.

David duChemin had a wonderful post last week about waiting for the soul. I know that I tend to hurry through to avoid my own awkwardness and move on. I at least have this post bouncing around somewhere in my brain now.

When the lighting just wasn't right for the first pose, I didn't hedge at all when I turned Terry just a tiche, backed up and went again. I was so glad I did because when I look at this portrait, I see the wonderful Terry that I have grown to love and enjoy over the years.


  1. This really is a wonderful shot. I'm sure he appreciates it.

  2. Excellent portrait. I see a wry, amusing, friendly person

  3. I'm not normally interested in portraits and usually just move on (sorry!) but I love this picture! Well done. :)

  4. Great portrait shot, you seem to have captured a playfulness in his face that is very warm and loving.

  5. I agree that you have absolutely captured Terry's wry, amusing, and friendly self.