Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 438 - Portrait of Karen

 ISO 100, 90mm, f/14, 1/160 sec

Tomorrow I will shoot my final images for my portrait class. 

My assignment is to shoot four portraits, starting with one light working up to four. I won't lie, I have been in panic mode. Lighting has been a total crap shoot for me. Light, shoot, crap. Repeat.
That is, until David Hobby spent a little quality time breaking it down for me on the Flash Bus Tour.

I am meeting with one of the basketball players in the morning and Karen graciously sat for me tonight as I walked through the steps.

Woman, you rock! Thank you for helping through Lighting Confidence 101.


  1. I'd say you've got it down! She positively glows! :)

  2. The lighting is perfect IMHO. Great portrait

  3. fantastic! awesome lighting, you nailed this one perfectly!

  4. You definitely got it down,lighting makes me break out into hives LOL! Will you be our guru?

  5. Fantastic portrait! I think you learned the lesson! I am so inspired by you!