Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44

Day 44 - There was a Crooked House

Some days the pixel gods just smile down on me. Our adventure today didn't take us anywhere. We headed out of town and when we came to an intersection, we decided at that very moment which way to go.

Who knew Yoder, Oregon even existed? I hadn't heard about it.

We were enchanted by the town as we drove through. I flipped a u-turn when this old homestead caught my eye. The gate was open, but a keep out sign was posted. I ever so gently stepped to the other side to snap my first picture.

The man in the truck driving down the second drive-way looked long and hard at me. I waved and smiled. When he returned maybe 15 minutes later I had taken two or three or maybe four more steps beyond the fence. This time he stopped and rolled down the window.

Camera in hand I walked towards his vehicle hoping beyond hope he was friendly.

"Don't go in there," he told me. And from there the conversation blossomed. John was incredible, and when I asked if I could walk around with my tripod, he obliged.

This was better than being a kid in a candy store.

The model A garage.

The garage behind the crooked house that was built in about 1879.


  1. I don't know why, but it has always made me sad to see an old home like this left to just rot away. So many memories, if only the walls could talk. Nice shots hun.

  2. wow, these are great. What a terrific find.

  3. Beautiful shots Terri and a great story...I wish I had the guts to do stuff like that but I'm a chicken!

  4. Awesome shots! I love old abandoned houses -- I, too, wonder the about the stories those walls could tell if only walls could talk.

  5. Love the tones and compositions. Wow, I see so much other shots in here if you can get closer.