Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54

ISO100, 100mm macro, f/32, 1/60 sec

Day 54 - Nature's Glitter

Nearly the first thought every morning is "What will my photo of the day be?"

Work is currently bordering somewhere between hideous and suicidal. During coffee this morning I half jokingly said I needed a bird of paradise to shoot.

When I went home at lunch time to run the dogs, sitting on the counter was this beautiful pink and yellow orchid with a sticky note from my partner in crime for life...


  1. great idea! hmmmmm...i may have to start soliciting photo ideas. when i did my first 365...i would start thinking of my potd the night before. usually by morning...i would have a plan. now...i still try to plan...but i rely more on something catching my eye & grabbing me during my day.

  2. How sweet... nice partner you got there! Great shot!