Tuesday, February 9, 2010


$2 portrait project began with Thomas Hawk.

This is Gregory. He was great. Megan and I were on our way into VooDoo Donuts in Portland when we met Gregory.

He is originally from Houston, but much prefers the climate in Portland. He does, however, hope to go back to Houston in November/December for the holidays. Right now he is in between temp jobs.

When he approached me and asked for money, he was more than happy to have his portrait taken. I told him I needed to run into the donut shop and get some cash, he smiled and said take my portrait now. I trust you.

I retrieved the cash after buying Megan her donut and promptly went out and paid him. I hope that temp job is right around the corner waiting for him.

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  1. What a wonderful portrait! I love the idea of the $2 Portrait, someday I'll work up the guts to actually do it.