Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125

Day 125 - Oops

Just one of those days. Horribly windy outside, have to take the POTD inside. Not a problem. Go for smoke, had good luck before. Note to self, mustn't get cocky.

Set up the flashes, damn, the second flash isn't firing. Where's the manual? No clue. Incense cone is lit and burning, burning really hot tonight.

Smoke is all over the place, tough to focus on.

Finally get the second flash to fire, incense almost burned down and then, an earth shaking crack (not really, but it could've been.)

The crystal ashtray I was using to hold the cone split apart in five pieces.

The burning cone fell onto my fluffy robe that I was using as a black back drop. Burned a hole in the robe. Oh, surprise, it is too hot to pick up with bare fingers.

Oops. Oh what a night.


  1. Yikes! Sounds like a real tough one... nice shots thought :-)

  2. Oh how tragic! It does make for some awesome images.

  3. did get some wonderful photos!

  4. Whoops! But you got a great smoke shot. The ember - NICE.

  5. I will keep that in mind when I try out my smoke capture experiment. The last shot looks like a volcano mountain. Nice shots!