Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 146

Day 146 - They don't make 'em...

Like they used to. I have always loved old classic cars. I admit it, when I find one rusting out in a field, chills run up and down my spine with excitement.

This is the horn cap from a 1950 Plymouth Cambridge coupe. The detail of the schooner is awesome. Something the newer cars have replaced with things like air conditioning and automatic transmission.

This is the abandoned car from a field in March. The horn cap had already been removed and left to weather in the dirt.

I tucked it away for safe keeping for a night like tonight. I went to the dentist for a root canal only to find out that the root was cracked.

My best option was to yank the damn thing out. RIP little tooth.


  1. Really great shots. Saddens me a little to see a car abandoned to rust away to become an eyesore or blight. Yet, your photo gives it a dignity.

  2. Nice shots. First one was a challenge for me though - took me a while to figure it out. Second one is amazing - love the scenic outdoors and the rusty car. As Leslie commented, it's a an eyesore (sadly). Reminds me of fossils, although man made stuff would never turn to be a fossil.

  3. I hope you're feeling better. What a great image to have tucked away. Great details and I really like that sky.

  4. Nice capture, love the second shot.

  5. This is a great capture! The colors in this photo are exquisite, did you do any editing or is this just the raw shot? It is so vivid and beautiful, almost like a painting!!

  6. Great capture ~ I love Leslie's comment ~ and definitely agree!