Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 283

ISO 100, 28mm, F/9.0, 5 image HDR-1/100, 1/640, 1/250, 1/40, 1/15 sec.

Day 283 - Arches

Today was the Portland Marathon and I probably wouldn't wander out in the pouring rain, but the kid was running and of course, we had to go out.

We were waiting for her to exit the finish line when Karen looked up and suggested that perhaps she was looking at my photo of the day.

I still have to maintain my bragging rights, this is the older child Megan, carrying the 4:45 sign for Holly's pace group. I didn't even know she was running.

And this is Holly, my rockstar for the day. 26.2 miles. Oi vey.


  1. Congratulations to Holly and to you for braving the rain. Great shots all around!

  2. Very interesting buildings - traditional next to modern. Great contrast.
    And congrats to Holly. I know if I were running a marathon, I would want a lightly rainy day....

  3. Great photo of the day
    Congratulations to Holly for the all of the hard work and being able to finish the marathon. Great shots.

  4. Really like the complimentary colors on the HDR shot. Awesome!

  5. I like the photos of the race but that first shot of the buildings is gorgeous!!!