Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 284

ISO 800, 280mm, f/4.0, 1/125 sec.

Day 284 - The Dog Harasser

Our yard has had an abundance of fruits and nuts this year causing these critters to take risky leaps from tree to tree.

They are driving the dogs crazy.
After spending hours trying to out run the greyhounds, these little buggers are quite speedy and not so apt to stop and pose.

The trees will be dropping their leaves soon. I'll show those squirrels whose boss then.


  1. LOL. They are very cheeky. One will stop above a yard with two dogs and watch them go nuts below it. Then casually walk off on it's high wire act.

  2. LOL! I have a lot of those too and it drives my dogs crazy and in turn they drive me crazy barking.
    Great picture.

  3. The only wildlife we have in our area are skunks and cougars. I'll admire yours, since I won't be attempting any wildlife shots of my own.

  4. Such a cute photo, those guys are hard for me to catch around here, I love how he looks like he is up to no good! LOL