Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 263

ISO 100, 105mm, f/8.0, 1/100 sec.

Day 263 - Spittled Speckles

My greyhounds don't understand that when I get on the ground with the camera that doesn't mean crawl all over me play time.

Hoping to catch a lovely portrait of one of the fatheads I got down at their level.

Jillian promptly ran up to me in all of her excitement, coughing in my face.

Portrait time abruptly and prematurely ended. I couldn't see a bloody thing around all of her spittle.

Gotta love those doggies.


  1. LOL, I love your stories about you pups, so cute. Love the reflection in this shot!

  2. Great shot with a great reflection.

  3. Better on the lenses than in your eye! Great shot and reflection!