Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 203

ISO 100, 28mm, f/22, 1/250 sec.

Day 203 - Upside Down and Backwards

Daily Shoot: Rotate your camera today a bit and make a slightly off-angle photograph. Use the angle to emphasize your subject.

I laid down in the grass on my back and looked behind me holding the camera upside down. It was really weird, but so effective.

When I rotated the image in PhotoShop, for me, it lost all of it's glitz. Here's my theory. Looking at the image upside down, the flare leads up to the starburst. When the image is rotated, the flare leading down to the starburst just isn't as effective.

Any other thoughts or ideas?


  1. I like it upside down, your thought on it flare leading to the star burst makes it more dramatic! nice capture!

  2. Interesting... like you're rational and I see your point. Great work on today's assignment!

  3. COOL. It like you are laying down and looking up.

  4. I like them both. They are both dramatic. I am not sure why I see them both as great shots. I could not choose one over the other. Maybe I have no taste LOL.

  5. Both great but my brain cannot grasp the first one. I agree with your theory.
    Great color and nice flair.

  6. I have to agree with you on your comments on sun flares leading towards/away on making this shot effective. To me, 1st shot is more effective and gives me the feel that I'm seeing the reflection in water.

    Funny for my TDS assignemt, I had to lie down on the grass to shoot my subject ;)

  7. I like the first one, I don't know what it is about it that makes it so much more interesting to me than the second but it made me stop and stare.

  8. the first one looks like it could/should be a shot of the sky and trees reflecting in a still puddle. i like them both, but something about the first grabs me more.