Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Fold

ISO100, 100mm, f/20, 15.0 sec.

Day 196 - The Fold

The Daily Shoot: Get creative with abstraction today. Make a photograph of patterns and/or shapes that aren't recognizable objects.

Tough assignment today, abstract has never been my gig.


  1. Terri I'm glad you tried 'abstract' assignment even though it's not your gig - that's the thing with TDS...pushes you to shoot things outside your comfort zone and I like it for that reason ;)

    I like the folds on the petals.

  2. It may not be your "gig" but you created a great image!
    It is very interesting and pulls the viewer in.

  3. Really great photo. Really like the feel of it

  4. This is a great idea for a pattern shot, it's even more interesting because I can't tell if it's petals or fabric.

  5. Stunning! What a great idea and you executed it to perfection!