Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 316

ISO 100, 17mm, f/22, 20.0 sec.

Day 316 - Life after dark

Now that the sun is setting at 4:45 pm, the city is coming back to life earlier.

After the triumphant waterfalls yesterday, I told Jeff that he owed me a skyline and wow, he really knows how to produce. :o)))

I drove up to Portland and met Jeff at his house. From there he took me to the Eastbank Esplanade.

It rocked.

Just as a side note, my friend Jeff always brings out the competitive side in me.

Damn, I think I was skunked again. Cranial Aperture


  1. Beautiful capture! I love the way the colors are reflecting off the water. The sky is such a gorgeous deep blue.

  2. That is great. I love it. I wonder where I could get a photo of Richmond reflected in the James ... hmmmm?

  3. THIS IS GORGEOUS! I love night shots and this is one of my favorites. The colors are so beautiful and I am so diggin the motion of the water!

  4. THIS IS AWESOME! I absolutely love this.

  5. his hdr is amazing, but i love this shot too! love the motion of the water giving the river a frozen appearance.

  6. I am a big fan of pictures shot at the "magic hour" and this falls in that category. Reflection is awesome on this shot and those flare on the street light adds a nice touch to this shot.

  7. WOW! ZOWIE! This shot is terrific!

    If I tried a shot like that around here, I might be able to see a few streetlights and that is about it. :-)

  8. Wow! This is framable (as are most of your shots). Nicely done.