Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 323

ISO 160, 105mm, f/9.0, 15.0 sec.

Day 323 - The traveler

We have a beautiful maple tree in our backyard. In the summer it saves us by providing a huge amount of shade.

In the fall, the leaves turn either gold or brown, never the brilliant reds that attract me. I was a little surprised when I looked under the tree and saw this lonely red leaf, clearly not in it's own turf.

It must have blown over from the neighbor's tree about 500 yards away.

What a way to avoid raking the leaves.


  1. LOL... it's seems every year, due to our location and how the wind blows, our lawn gets the bulk of the leaves on our block! I think the neighbors pray for a windy day so they can avoid raking leaves!

    Great shot, the red leaf surely does look out of place!

  2. Lovely autumnal image!
    We get a lot of leaves from our neighbors yard too.

  3. Lovely array of colors. I really like the water drops on the red maple leaf - gives a feeling of freshness.

  4. It's amazing the things we "see" when we are truely looking at our world.
    LOL - about your neighbor avoiding the task of raking leaves.
    It's a great fall image.

  5. Gorgeous! The colors are so saturated and vivid and then the bits of water you caught on the leaves is excellent! Great shot!

  6. Please may I have permission to reuse this photograph?