Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 325

ISO 100, 200mm, f/25, 2.5 sec.

Day 325 - When the moon hits your eye

We have a couple of cold fronts coming our direction, but there was a promise of a clear sky this morning so we were up before the crack of dawn in hopes of one of "those" sunrises.

I completely forgot about the full moon.

We headed back up to the top of the parking garage that we were on last night.

I watched as the fog got thicker and thicker on the Willamette River afraid that I got up for nothing, but stood out in the 29° weather and waited.

How on earth do you keep your hands warm? I was layered and warm but I was pretty sure after about an hour and a half of watching that my hands were going to exit stage left. Even with thin gloves on, they were frozen.

ISO 100, 70mm, f/22, six-image pano,
five-exposure HDR 1/6 sec., 1/40 sec., 1/15 sec., 0.4 sec., 1.0 sec.

I did crawl back into the car for awhile waiting for the not so amazing sunrise to warm up.

Apparently red sky at morning doesn't apply to cold fronts because this is the best I could wrangle for the eastern sky.

This is a five-exposure HDR pano of the Salem skyline.


  1. That moon shot is simply amazing!! It doesn't even look real. What a fantastic photo! I love the panoramic too, you were dedicated to this shot :)

  2. Both shots are awesome! I particularly like the red moon. Excellent shots

  3. Don says congratulations--this is great. (I was screaming for him to come look; he thought I was dying. I was, but ony from envy.)

  4. OMG! That moon shot is amazing! I guess it was worth standing in the cold!?!
    The pano shot is pretty amazing too.
    I can tell that you are loving your 365!

    You are printing some of these aren'y you?

  5. Great shot! I love the color of the moon. I noticed it rising last night with a similar color here, but was too tied up with something else to grab the camera. Glad you got the shot!

  6. Moon shot is just awesome. Lovely orange color on the moon and with the foreground fog, it looks quite dramatic.