Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 318

ISO 320, 100mm, f/11, 1/50 sec.

Day 318 - Shroom texture

Still stalking mushrooms in the backyard.

I have on good authority that these little puppies are edible, but probably not on my clock.


  1. Every year, some expert on mushrooms kills himself or injures himself critically by eating the wrong mushrooms. I only buy commercial mushrooms. I'm a wimp. Really great shot. Really like the lighting

  2. Great texture, love the lighting!

  3. Don't eat them. Just photograph them. A friend of Don's brought us a bunch of mushrooms he had picked, and we put them straight into the garbage after he left. It's too scary. But pretty...they are very pretty.

  4. Oh my .... this is really FANTASTIC!!

  5. texture is the perfect word for this. There is so much contrast in the textures that I could just keep staring at it! Wonderful shot!

  6. Neat capture of the underside of the side mushrooms.

    I'm probably more paranoid than most about shrooms. I'll hesitate to even yank them out of the ground for fear of touching one that is toxic and contaminating food later on.