Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 491 - Finally, a blue heron

ISO 400, 185 mm, f/2.8, 1/500 sec

A dear friend of mine got married today at the Oregon Garden. She had asked me to shoot their wedding, and though I have little to no experience with weddings (I think I have now attended five in my life) I agreed to do it.

I got up there early and stopped at one of the ponds to take pictures when to my delight, a blue heron flew in for a visit. I stalked him from the opposite bank for quite a awhile before he took off.

The wedding was beautiful and outside in the pouring rain. It was small and everyone gathered underneath the small gazebo. That is everyone but me as I circled the gazebo, shooting up hoping to catch a glimpse of the bride and groom in between all of the guests heads.

Did I add that it was pouring down rain. I was ever so thankful that I just happened to throw my ThinkTank hydrophbia in the car before I left. It saved my camera. I was the only drowned rat present.


  1. Perfection! I love that I can see the drops of water off his feet.

  2. Ah well, you got a great story, she got great pictures, and no one else will ever remember that a drowned rat was at the wedding! :)

    (... and that should have been "yellow eye" over on your other blog)

  3. I'll bet the pictures of the wedding are beautiful, though! I love that shot you got, too!

  4. Beautiful capture.
    I agree.. perfection!

  5. Nice shot! I love blue herons.

  6. A perfect shot.... I would put it on the wall....awesome