Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 498 - Endings and beginnings

The play this term is called "Museum" and rather than putting it on stage in the auditorium, they held it in the Art Gallery.
The audience sat in folded chairs on risers in the hall and outside viewing through the gallery windows.

I was ready to shoot, moving in close when the director asked me to move out to where the audience would be sitting. 
My ah-ha moment was OMG, I'm gonna be shooting wide, through a window and the lighting was a crap shoot.

They weren't set-up shots, we were running through the entire play backwards.

As I drove home over two hours later, I had to laugh. Last week I shot a wedding in the pouring rain, this week I am shooting through windows.

Yup, I love what I do.


  1. You're also great at what you do! I love the shots, and I bet the theater department will, too!

  2. fantastic shots Terri! Outstanding work!