Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 152

ISO 100, 24-105mm, f/22, 10.0 sec.

Day 152 - The Zoomin' Rose

In honor of posting with my beloved 24-105 lens after a month of only the prime lens, I used my entire focal length from 24mm to 105mm for this rose.

Note the daily raindrop. I dodged wind gusts and passing storms to play tonight.

I used the tripod and shot from above rose so that I would have the grass as my background.

After some experimentation, I ended up using my smallest aperture, a slow shutter speed and the on camera flash to catch the rain drops before the rose started to move with the wind.

I did find that I was most successful starting at 24mm and ending at 105mm.


  1. I love this technique, I haven't been able to get this kind of result but you inspire me to keep trying. Lovely!

  2. Great shot! I'll have to give this a try!

  3. Fun post. Love the colors.

  4. Really great image! Really like the dynamism!

  5. Great image!! Thanks for sharing you technique!

  6. Cool shot! It made me a little dizzy - it might be my meds though. :)