Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 179

ISO 100, 92mm, f/14, 1/60 sec.

Day 179 - White on White

Sandra, another blog I follow daily, recently turned me on to the Daily Shoot. And today, I thought I would give it a shot. The challenge... Go high key today. Make a photograph that's all bright tones or dominated by white.

In our house with all of these doggies, white is not a color of choice. Quick trip to the store for a white flower and my white seamless background you ask? Paper towels.

This wasn't as easy as I had hoped.


  1. Gorgeous shot! Love how you did it! I think you nailed it perfectly. (I was just told about the Daily Shoot as well. Nice ideas there.)

  2. I'm glad you joined the Daily Shoot. I think it's great challenges, you did a great job with this challenge. Perfect white on the flower and great job with your "seamless."

  3. I like the simplicity on this shot.

  4. This just has a wonderful calm about it, beautiful!!!

  5. Wonderful choice for the Daily Shoot assignment, I've been using it for inspiration for a couple of months. glad to see you're enjoying it.