Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 156

ISO 100, 28mm, f/11, 1/250 sec.

Day 156 - Newport Bay Bridge

When the sun finally comes out in Oregon, it takes the job very seriously.

We took a quick trip out to the coast today and it was beautiful. The best part about living in Salem, Oregon is that we are one hour to the mountains, one hour to the coast and one hour to Portland if we want a big city adventure. Yet Salem has about 150,000 population, so we have a good sushi restaurant and I only work five minutes from home. Just about the best of all worlds.

This bridge is on highway 101 and passes over a huge bay home to both fishermen and recreational boaters. Just to north is a lighthouse built in the 1800s and just to south of the bridge is a beautiful aquarium built about 15 years ago.

True to the coast, it was a bit windy, but warm enough that the breeze felt good.

OK Oregon, I forgive you for all of the rain you have sent our direction.


  1. Wonderful perspective on this shot. Lovely blue sky and seems like it was an awesome weather.

  2. What spectacular view! This photo is gorgeous, do you use any filters when shooting outside? I often find my sky is overexposed no matter what I do.

  3. Excellent focal vanishing point of the roadway right in the center of the photo.