Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 341

ISO 125, 24mm, f/9.0, 15.0 sec.

Day 341 - Foiled by raindrops

A rather wet day here in Salem, Oregon. Damn!

According to weather.com, I had about an hour to snag that photo of the day. And it was gonna be a bonus round 'cause I had three ideas for the photo.

1st stop, no rain but OMG, it was way to dark.
2nd stop, no rain but good lord I was gonna be blinded by the construction lights. Holy crap, dim those lights, isn't there some energy crisis or something?

3rd stop, EUREKA! Twinkly lights, Salem history.

This is the second image before the skies once again opened up and I might add 20 minutes earlier than weather.com predicted.

So, this is the back of the Mission Mill Museum. The mill itself was built in 1896. I had every intention of going to the end of this building and taking a picture of the mill, until my lens began collecting rain drops.

Rest assured, I am not easily discouraged. I shall return.


  1. It's a pretty shot. Just a hint of reflections here and there, and I love Christmas lights any time!

  2. Beautiful shot, really like the lights

  3. This is great. I got raindrops tonight, too--big splashy drops that made almost as big a mess of photos as the cracked UV filter had--so I had to go with my morning shot of the sunrise.

  4. ACK, that is so awesome!! I have been so excited to get out and shoot some houses that are decorated!! This is beautiful Terri!

  5. This rain really is becoming quite discouraging... I've been dying to get some light decoration pictures, but like you said it's always so dark, wet, and cold! Good for you, braving through it! Love this photo!! :)

  6. This is awesome!! You really do these shots well!!

  7. Lovely shot and I like the puddle of water in the ground as they seem to add a nice mood to this capture.

  8. Very nice! Love that dramatic sky.