Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 364

ISO 100, 105mm, f/13, 20.0 sec.

Day 364 - Lights, water, reflection. Oh my!

How I missed getting out these last few nights. I beat it down to the water front as the sun began to set. It was wonderful. Cold, but wonderful.

Salem doesn't have much of a skyline, but it looks great in the Willamette River.

I started out on the east side of the river and walked over one of the bridges to the west side for another view of town.


  1. Salem may not have much of a skyline but you sure do make the most of it. Lovely shot, great reflections.

  2. gorgeous! I love the reflections and the colors!

  3. I can't believe your year is almost over. Are you doing a second year?