Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 358

ISO 400, 28mm, f/18, 25.0 sec.

Day 358 - Rolling on the river

Salem's own river boat, the Willamette Queen.

I was watching A Day with Jay Maisel on Kelby Training this week and one of the tidbits of knowledge that Jay passed on was "Never go back to shoot something, shoot it now."

Last night I stood in this very spot to shoot the Willamette Queen. They brought the lights up on the boat just as the skies were turning quite dark and I fought like crazy with the exposure.

Tonight when I went back, there weren't any lights at all on the Queen. Go figure.


  1. You always have such wonderful clear colors! (yes, I'm seriously jealous!)


  2. Another fabulous shot! Absolutely love you night shots around Salem.

  3. Wow, the surface of that water looks incredible. Like glass. Great composition!

  4. Lights or no lights on the boat, it's a beautiful shot!

  5. Awesome shot, Love the star burst.