Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 344

ISO 200, 16mm, f/18, 30.0 sec.

Day 344 - The star trees

Melaney, is a good friend of mine that I tricked, I mean challenged into the 365 project.

The other day she posted a picture of the star trees at Willamette University. I hadn't heard of the trees and since she worked there, I figured she had the inside track. According to my Google search, she in fact did not have an inside track.

If I had paid attention for the last 14 years, I would know that there is an annual lighting ceremony.

The five giant sequoias were planted in 1942 and have now grown to over 150 ft. tall.

Their height isn't their only claim to fame. Supposedly, if you stand in the middle of the evenly spaced trees, when you look up, you see a five pointed star.

ISO 400, 16mm, f/14, 30.sec.

And so, I did.


  1. wow...very cool!!! i'll have to tell my co-worker...but she probably already knows.

  2. OMG! My jaw fell on the key board! Awesome images! Beautifully done.

  3. wow that is too cool! awesome capture!

  4. Oh wow! This is such a great photo! I love it!!!

  5. Both of these shots are stunning Terri, that first tree is HUGE! I mean HUGE and the undershot of the tress is spectacular!

  6. Lovely long exposure shots (both). I really like the POV on the last shot.