Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 461 - In search of fizz, part 2

ISO 58mm, f/14, 1/100 sec

I survived my visit to sketchy convenience store (it was just a corner market, not bad) in the not so great area of town (my favorite breakfast place was in the next block) and admired the labels on beer after beer.

I had no clue that Budweiser, Miller and Coors had so much competition. Nor did I know that you could buy just a bottle (or can) in so many sizes. And I certainly wasn't expecting some of the price tags. It's BEER for crying out loud.

In my conversation with Chuck, he recommended Boddingtons Pub Ale. He said it was very pretty.

I had to laugh when I discovered that even fru fru beer comes in a can, a rather boring yellow can imported all the way from Britain.

ISO 100, 58mm, f/14, 1/100 sec.,
580EXII camera left and behind 1/128, 580EXII camera right and in front 1/4

Just like Crackerjacks, the can has a surprise inside. Some small recyclable device that floats in the ale called a Draughtflow® System. When the can is opened, it releases millions of tiny bubbles. Clearly they keep going even when they reach the top of the glass.

ISO 100, 60mm, f/14, 1/100 sec.,
580EXII camera left and behind 1/128, 580EXII camera right and in front 1/4
This pale-gold ale came with rules:
  • Serve cool, but not ice cold, 41°
  • Carefully open can, pour contents into glass
  • Wait... and watch the head settle on a perfect glass of Boddingtons Pub Ale.
As of tonight, I'm down $6.08 for beer and $.99 for a mug from Goodwill.


  1. Great shots. And I've had Boddington's. Excellent beer. The first time though I didn't read about the little package inside and thought that some sort of crap had gotten into the can and threw the beer out. When the second rattled as well, I decided to read the label. You should try photographing a black and tan

  2. So, how did it taste? You did try it, right?

    Great shots...

  3. Another great set. Gotta love Goodwill. Thanks for sharing the link to the 52 week project. I've been jonesen' for some new challenges with an educational twist.

  4. I am not a beer fan AT all but I love these shots! Very cool idea and set up!

  5. Who knew pouring beer was an art form? I'm not a beer drinker at all, but these pictures are making me thirsty!