Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 462 - 5 percent

ISO 100, 200mm, f/2.8, 1/160 sec

My friend Jeff over at Cranial Aperture invited my on an outing with his photography group from Portland. Destination Wooden Shoe Tulips at sunrise.

This is always a favorite in the spring, that is if and when spring decides to come.

The field reports said that 5% of the tulips were in bloom Sunday morning.

This is what 5% looks like. I so appreciated the loan daffodil.

ISO 100, 100mm, f/32, 1.3 sec.

I hadn't posted any tulip photos yet and today Jeff asked me what happened.

So, I stepped away from the beer tonight. Jeff, this post's for you. Thank you for asking me along, I had a blast.


  1. Both really excellent shots. The lone daffodil in the field of tulips is really awesome

  2. I often feel like that daffodil! :) Those are both just beautiful shots. I wish so much that we had some tulip fields around here every year when I start seeing tulip pictures crop up!

  3. Pretty flowers. The close up on that daffodil is stunning! The colors are perfect and the details are killer. Love it!

  4. Wow the first one is just absolutely beautiful!

  5. I really like the intimacy of the second shot! I just looked up what camera you're using. A $5,000 baby!!! Whooppeee!! Would love to have that to play around with. What photo editing software are you using? I just replaced my entry-level Pentax DSLR with a Nikon entry-level DSLR (the D3100). I decided after reading about so many cameras that I'll step up to professional level on my next one.